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Hill Publishing Group is an independent academic publisher with an editorial team comprising many of the world's leading researchers. Hill Publishing Group provides journal publishing service, Special Issue publishing service, book publishing service and conference paper publishing service. HillPub serves the worldwide academic communities and contributes to the progress and application of science with its publication.

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Hill Publishing Group is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Hill Publishing Group and its members inspire a global community through its publications, conferences and professional and educational activities.
We ensure that scientists and researchers get the recognition and rewards that they deserve and the opportunity to play a significant role in the global scientific community.

Recommended Journals


Outreach Research on Livestock Improvement, Nntrition and Health in the Command Districts of Rars, Parwanipur

Author:A K Jha , P K Jha, J Tripathi Date:August 19,2019
DOI:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.013 14 Views

The Effect of White Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) Addubg on The Quality of Unproductive Quail (Coturnixcoturnix japonica) Abon Shredded Meat

Author:Salam N. Aritonang, Allismawita, Siti Nur Dahlia Date:August 19,2019
DOI:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.012 36 Views

Characterization of six types of dried sea cucumber product from different countries

Author:Thu Truong , Thuy Le Date:August 19,2019
DOI:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.011 23 Views

Understanding educational conditions in preschool – Preparing student teachers for social justice during practicum placements

Author:Laila Niklasson Date:August 16,2019
DOI:10.26855/er.2019.08.003 27 Views

Willingness to pay for ecolabelled products: the case of traditional rice varieties in the Philippines

Author:Larry Digal, Carol Balgos Date:August 09,2019
DOI:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.010 27 Views

Assessing written language in Greek: Validity and reliability considerations

Author:Ioanna Talli Date:August 07,2019
DOI:10.26855/er.2019.08.001 32 Views

A Review on Influence of Growth Regulator and Culture Condition on Micro-Propagation of Ginger (zingiber officinale)

Author:Tajebe Mosie Date:July 30,2019
DOI:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.009 22 Views

TC-O-TOFT Development of system to reduce ammonia emission and leaching of nitrate from slurry application

Author:M. Toft Date:July 30,2019
DOI:10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.008 21 Views
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