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Application of Treatment of Sanyinjiao in Gynecological Diseases Based on the Relevance of Zang-fu Meridians and Collaterals

Author: Wang Aijing, He Fengjie
Date: December 31,2019 Hits: 220


Sanyinjiao is the intersection point of spleen meridian, liver meridian and kidney meridian.And it is closely related with vital channel, ren channel, uterus and internal organs. Sanyinjiao has the function of regulate human health, and has remarkable treatment effection on female diseases. Sanyinjiao, first recorded in “Acupuncture and moxibustion” [1], is located 3 inches above the tip of the medial malleolus and at the posterior margin of the medial side of the tibia [2]. Sanyinjiao acupoint is named Sanyinjiao because of the damp and hot Qi provided by the spleen, the water and wind provided by the liver and the cold Qi provided by the kidney. Kidney stores essence, which is the source of “Tiangui”; spleen controls blood, which is the source of blood biochemistry; liver stores blood, which is the source of meridians. The growth and development of women can not be separated from the participation and regulation of liver, spleen and kidney. Sanyinjiao, as the intersection point of foot three yin meridians, is closely related to viscera, meridians and uterus, which determines its particularity and importance in gynecology physiology and pathology. Through acupuncture at Sanyinjiao single point and its compatibility, it can regulate viscera in two ways, improve viscera function, and regulate Chongren uterus. The occurrence of common gynecological diseases in clinic is mostly in the uterus, and the changes are mostly in the viscera and Qi and blood. Most of the causes are caused by the loss of liver and kidney or the injury of Chong Ren. Because Sanyinjiao is closely related to the viscera, meridians and the uterus, Sanyinjiao point is the first choice for the treatment of gynecological related diseases. The author summarizes the physiological connection, pathological diseases and treatment of Sanyinjiao in gynecology as follows for reference.


[1] edited by Yang Jizhou, edited by Jin Xian, edited by Huang Longxiang. Acupuncture Dacheng [M]. Beijing: People's Health Press, 2006: 1-492
[2] Shi Xuemin. Acupuncture [M]. Beijing: China traditional Chinese Medicine Press, 2007: 49
[3] Yu Bing, Wang Cong, Zhang Yongchen. Analysis on the clinical application of Sanyinjiao point in acupuncture Dacheng [J]. Sichuan Traditional Chinese medicine, 2016,34 (07): 1-3

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Application of Treatment of Sanyinjiao in Gynecological Diseases Based on the Relevance of Zang-fu Meridians and Collaterals
Wang Aijing 1, He Fengjie 2
1 2018 postgraduate students in Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang Shanxi 712000
2 Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang Shanxi 712000
How to cite thi paper: Wang, A., He, F. (2019) Application of Treatment of Sanyinjiao in Gynecological Diseases Based on the Relevance of Zang-fu Meridians and Collaterals. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research, 3(4)131-134.
Corresponding author: Wang Aijing, 2018 postgraduate students in Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang Shaanxi 712000.

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