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Mineralogical Soil Complex Indicates an Effectiveness of Fertilizers in Agriculture

R. N. Ushakov1,*, F. A. Musaev1, M. G. Mustafayev2,*, O. A. Zaharova1, A. V. Ruchkina1, N. А. Golovina1, L. M. Zaharov1

1Ryazancky State Agrotechnological University, Kostychev Str. 1., Ryazan, 390044, Russia.

2National Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Republic Institute of Soil Science and Aqrochemistry, M. Rahim Str. 5, Baku, 1073, Aerbaijan.

*Corresponding author: R. N. Ushakov, M. G. Mustafayev

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Date: August 10,2020 Hits: 253, How to cite this paper


The mineralogical composition of clay loamy agro-gray soil and the content of nutrient elements in the soil and its fractions were determined. This allowed es-timating the nutrient supply and natural productivity of the soil. The long-term use of soils with the application of mineral and organic fertilizers affected the soil mineralogy: both aggradation and degradation processes were observed. The fertilizing system recommended for application to the agro-gray soil did not af-fect the crystal-chemical parameters of soil minerals. However, soil acidification and changes in the humus fractional composition towards increasing the content of fulvic acids show intensive degradation of soil minerals, which can lead to adverse consequences for soil fertility.


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Mineralogical Soil Complex Indicates an Effectiveness of Fertilizers in Agriculture
How to cite this paper: R. N. Ushakov, F. A. Musaev, M. G. Mustafayev, O. A. Zaharova, A. V. Ruchkina, N. А. Golovina, L. M. Zaharov. (2020) Mineralogical Soil Complex Indicates an Effectiveness of Fertilizers in AgricultureInternational Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture4(3)262-267.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijfsa.2020.09.006

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