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Attitude, Referring Alternative Penalties

Date: December 18,2017 |Hits: 795 Download PDF How to cite this paper


Draft legislation imposes criminal democratic request for the inclusion of legal instruments that help more in punitive role of the sentence given by the court, by adapting a number of factors and circumstances that cannot accept the classical severity of punishment. This will maximize the peaceful character of the law but also would affect levels significantly above sentence enhancers’ purpose. In other words, the criminal law has more need for legal flexibility, giving a considerable assistance and judicial bodies. This flexibility is achieved by using not only clearly defined penalties and stiffly but also creating an amalgam arising from the acquisition of qualitative elements of some types of penalties are available always maintaining sustainable character of the criminal sentence. This flexibility between types of sentences leads us first what is called alternative sentence. Must have a clear alternative that should not understand this notion of broad term for a criminal offense then you can choose punishment of imprisonment or fine, because this determines the choice of law without much skating, but we are dealing with a process which allows us to within a clearly defined type of punishment may be able to detach some other elements of criminal justice thus building a sustainable form of criminal punishment completely featured. Methods of her execution contain essentially what we call the social reintegration of morality offender.

Resuming the alternative mentioned above for sentencing will give this definition: the alternative sentence of imprisonment shall mean those sentences given by courts for crimes when the law set distinct criteria which lie within the framework of prison sentences but due to certain circumstances, psychological, moral, family, ways of executing them rigorously regulated by means of isolation are common. Alternative sentencing is not excluded from the punishment. Based on these alternative sentencing court determines the extent of the general rules defined in the law. While suffering with conditional sentencing court a number of factors present as well as how you will behave in the future the prisoner.


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Attitude, Referring Alternative Penalties
Adrian Leka
Faculty of Law, University of Shkoder “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkoder, Albania
Corresponding author: Adrian Leka, Ph.D, Faculty of Law, University of Shkoder “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkod-er,Albania.
How to cite this paper: Leka, A. (2017). Attitude, Referring Alternative Penalties. The Educational Review, USA, 1(4), 107-116. http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/er.2017.04.005
Full Text:PDF DOI:10.26855/er.2017.04.005
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