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Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine Maintenance Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis during Remission

Date: November 17,2020 |Hits: 155 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Xiya Zhu*, Li Liu, Xiaoquan Du

Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xianyang 712000, Shaanxi, China.

*Corresponding author: Xiya Zhu


Maintenance remission therapy has an important role in reducing the recurrence rate of ulcerative colitis, and the selection of appropriate drugs for maintenance therapy has attracted more and more clinical attention. Western medicine maintenance treatment has a long medication cycle, which is easy to produce changes in tolerance and drug resistance, and frequent adverse reactions bring unnecessary economic burden. With the continuous development of Chinese medicine, its efficacy in maintaining remission is no less than that of Western medicine, and it has the advantages of reducing recurrence, reducing adverse reactions, diverse treatment methods, and low treatment costs. This article reviews the current status of clinical research on maintenance treatment of ulcerative colitis in remission period.


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How to cite this paper

Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine Maintenance Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis during Remission
How to cite this paper: Xiya Zhu, Li Liu, Xiaoquan Du. (2020Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine Maintenance Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis during RemissionInternational Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research, 4(4), 254-259.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijcemr.2020.10.022

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