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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

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DOI: 10.26855/jamc
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Linearization and control for a perturbed 2D mixing flow dynamical system

Author:Adela Ionescu Date:July 24,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.07.003 87 Views

Numerical Investigation of Dynamical Response of Parametrically Excited System with Periodic and Chaotic Motions

Author:Falade K. I.1, Ayodele V. I.2, Baoku I.G.3 Date:July 24,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.07.002 100 Views

The Solution Of 2D Hydrodynamic Equations In The Boussinesq Approximation: A Mechanism Of Hydrocarbons Transport To The Earth’s Surface

Author:Sergei V. Gavrilov1, Andrey L. Kharitonov2 Date:July 24,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.07.001 91 Views
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