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The Educational Review, USA

Functional Diversity Design of Safety-Related Systems

Author:Ivan Malynyak Date:January 30,2018 Hits:


Traditionally, the usage of widespread safety voted-groups architectures is a matter of redundancy, where hardware and software components are replicated which leads to drastically decreased system reliability; therefore necessity of functional diversity is become essential. Well known process of N-version programming minimizes the probability of producing similar erroneous results, but In this paper the combined soft-ware and hardware methods to achieve safety system requirements without enlarged implementation price is proposed. Avoidance of redundant complexity with limitation the number of system’s internal states is naturally led to functional diversity with re-sidual and common cause faults are decreased to achievable level.


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Functional Diversity Design of Safety-Related Systems
Ivan Malynyak
Volonterska Street 63, Apt. 133 Kharkiv 61093, Ukraine
Corresponding author: Ivan Malynyak, Volonterska Stree 63, Apt. 133 Kharkiv 61093, Ukraine.
How to cite this paper: Malynyak, I. (2017). Functional Diversity Design of Safety-Related Systems. The Educational Review, USA, 2(1), 147-154.
Full Text: PDF  DOI: 10.26855/er.2018.01.004
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