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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

ISSN Print:2576-0645
ISSN Online:2576-0653
DOI: 10.26855/jamc
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Study on Unbalanced Power Flow in Distribution Network with Distributed Generators of Power Grid

Author:Zhong-Zheng Tong1 , Yang-Zi Sun2, Wen-Bin Liu1, Chu-Ran Deng1 Date:August 27,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.08.001 104 Views

Well-Posedness and Long-Time Dynamics of Geophysical Fluid Flows

Author:Maleafisha Joseph Pekwa Stephen Tladi Date:August 27,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.08.002 124 Views

Mixed Convection Peristaltic Flow of a Eyring-Powell Nanofluid with Magnetic Field in a Non-Uniform Channel

Author:Asha, S. K.1, Sunitha, G.1 Date:August 27,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.08.003 86 Views

Dynamic Response of Non-Uniform Rayleigh Beam Subjected to Harmonically Varying Moving Load

Author:Jimoh, A.1, Ajoge, E. O.2 Date:August 27,2018
DOI:10.26855/jamc.2018.08.004 88 Views
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