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Systemic Inflammation Caused by Comorbidietes and Echocardiografically Established Diastolic Dysfunction in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejecion Fraction in the Elderly

Date: August 8,2022 |Hits: 357 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Lidija Veterovska Miljkovic

Specialized Hospital for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine “13 November”, Skopje, North Macedonia.

*Corresponding author: Lidija Veterovska Miljkovic


Introduction: The treatment of chronic heart failure reached significant progress within the last decades. However, the progress is mainly limited only to patients with reduced ejection fraction, and recently to those with medially reduced ejection fraction, while the heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) remains enigma even beside significant morbidity and mortality. One of suggested hypotheses is, that comorbidities cause systemic inflammation, coronary microvascular dysfunction and oxidative stress, which lead to myocardial fibrosis, stiffness of myocytes and, at the end to diastole dysfunction (DD) and HFpEF. Material and methods: Clinically prospective average study, which included 124 patients, aged above 65 years, out of which 85 patients were in the investigated group, which completed the criteria for existence of HFpEF and present comorbidities, and 39 patients—control group. Results: The values of the investigated inflammation mediators highly sensitive (hs - CRP) and interleukin - 6 (IL-6) from peripheral blood, significantly differed among the old individuals with HFpEF and comorbidities, compared to the control group. However, the applied statistical methods mostly showed a direct correlation of inflammation mediators with the parameters of DD and heart remodelling, which has been characteristic for HFpEF. Conclusion: Our investigation went in favor to the hypothesis that the chronic, with low degree - inflammation, present in the most frequent comorbidities in the old age, brought to increased atheromatosis, DD and heart remodelling, being characteristic for HFpEF in old people.


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How to cite this paper

Systemic Inflammation Caused by Comorbidietes and Echocardiografically Established Diastolic Dysfunction in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejecion Fraction in the Elderly

How to cite this paper: Lidija Veterovska Miljkovic. (2022) Systemic Inflammation Caused by Comorbidietes and Echocardiografically Established Diastolic Dysfunction in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejecion Fraction in the Elderly. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research6(4), 321-329.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijcemr.2022.10.001

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