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Investigation of Cytogenetic and Karyological Characteristics of Sunflower

Mehdi Zohdi Aghdam

Department of Agriculture and Plant Breeding, Khoy Branch, Azad Islamic University, Khoy, Iran.

*Corresponding author: Mehdi Zohdi Aghdam

Published: September 13,2022


In this research, cytogenetica characteristics of H. tuberoses and H. annuus including chromosomal morphology‚ shape‚ size‚ number of satellite were studied. Caryotypic analysis of H. tuberosus showed that this species with genome formula of 2n = 6x = 102 is a hexaploid. In these species, average length of a haploid chromosomes set was 230.415 ± 3.311 (µ). Out of 51 pairs of chromosomes 34 were identified metacentric‚ 14 pairs sub metacentric and 3 pairs sub acrocentric. Among them 3 pairs satellite chromosomes were observed. The karyotype analysis of H. annuus showed that it is a diploid species 2n = 2x = 34. Average length of haploid chromosome set was 75.682 ± 2.995 (µ). Out of 17 pairs of chromosomes‚ 11 pairs were metacentric‚ 2 pairs sub metacentric and 4 pairs were sub acrocentric. Among them, 2 pairs of satellite were observed. The karyotype analysis of these two species showed that there are some differences in the chromosomes morphology‚ number and kind of metacentric‚ sub metacentric and sub acrocentric‚ number of satellite‚ arm ratio index and chromosomal formula.


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Investigation of Cytogenetic and Karyological Characteristics of Sunflower

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