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Research on Color Application and Composition between Chinese Painting and Western Painting

Date: September 14,2022 |Hits: 247 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Yijie Wang

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE, USA.

*Corresponding author: Yijie Wang


Color is a symbolic art sign both in Chinese and Western painting since antiquity, possessing visual artistic tension. Distinct color expressions can reflect not only the distinctive style of the artist but also the cultural background of the society. In terms of visual elements, color has expressive power so that viewers can perceive themselves as if they are in such a simulated environment through pictures and integrate them into the paintings to perceive the connotation of art. Structurally, composition refers to anything on the screen, including the combination of abstract and figurative forms. The artist conveys the structure of the painting through a variety of lines, shapes, proportions and other elements according to their own designs through the structure. This dissertation analyzes the reasons for the differences in color and composition in painting from different perspectives in China and the West, namely the comprehensive influence of differences in traditional culture, theory and aesthetics.


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How to cite this paper

Research on Color Application and Composition between Chinese Painting and Western Painting

How to cite this paper: Yijie Wang. (2022) Research on Color Application and Composition between Chinese Painting and Western Painting. Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science6(3), 360-363.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2022.09.010

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