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Assessment Available Meat Packaging Materials and Their Challenges at Ethiopian Private Abattoirs

Date: September 21,2022 |Hits: 3217 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Addis Fikrie Birhanu

Animal Product Processing and Quality Research, Livestock Development Institute, Bishoftu Livestock development center, Bishoftu, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author: Addis Fikrie Birhanu


Packaging had a great role in product protection, identification, promotion and convenience, and extend product shelf life. The most common materials for meat packaging were plastic or synthetic material. Primary data were collected through interview and observation where as secondary data were collected by reviewing literature to assess available meat packaging materials. Stocknet, cartoon, vacuum pack or criobag, bone guard plastic were used by private export abattoirs for export market based on type of product while normal poly bag and plastic roll or sheets were used for domestic market. High domestic price of stocknet, poor quality of domestic stocknet, unavailability vaccum packaging plastic as required, change in price of plastic materials were the most challenge raised by meat producers and exporters. Characterization of plastic packaging materials should be used in order to identify specific plastic package, and Proper storage these materials should be applied in order to reduce contamination of the meat product which had a great impact on health.


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How to cite this paper

Assessment Available Meat Packaging Materials and Their Challenges at Ethiopian Private Abattoirs

How to cite this paper: Addis Fikrie Birhanu. (2022) Assessment Available Meat Packaging Materials and Their Challenges at Ethiopian Private Abattoirs. International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture6(3), 343-348.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijfsa.2022.09.016

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