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Relationship between Dose and Efficacy of Bupleurum

Jingjing Lei1, Xin Fu1, Jingqing Hu2,*

1School of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shaanxi 712046, China.

2China Science and Technology Development Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 100027, China.

*Corresponding author: Jingqing Hu

Published: November 10,2022


This paper summarized the importance of dose-response relationship of Bupleurum bupleurum, introduced the efficacy of bupleurum bupleurum at different doses, and summarized the diseases it treated. It was found that large dose of bupleurum could relieve heat, medium dose of bupleurum could relieve liver depression, small dose of bupleurum could lift Yang qi, and more than 100 g of bupleurum would show obvious side effects. Dose is an important factor affecting the efficacy of Bupleurum bupleurum. The study on the dose-response relationship of bupleurum bupleurum is of great significance in the application of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, bupleurum bupleurum plays an important role in the resistance to COVID-19, and it can achieve antiviral effect through the role of fuzheng and dispelling evil.


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Relationship between Dose and Efficacy of Bupleurum

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