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Quadding against Tripling & Deep Tripling

Date: June 28,2018 |Hits: 2863 Download PDF How to cite this paper
Sergey Feofentovich Tyurin 
Perm National Research Polytechnic University; Perm State National Research University, Russia

*Corresponding author: Tyurin Sergey Feofentovich

Email: tyurinsergfeo@yandex.ru 


Redundancy is one of the main ways to ensure the reliability of critical equipment, as well as Radiation Hardened by Design, RHBD. They use the Tripling of digital equipment (majoritation), that is, they use, for example, three channels of equipment with a choice of "two out of three" using the so-called Majority Vote Circuit for each bit. In this case, the more Majority Vote Circuits, the greater the gain in the probability of failure-free operation. When the entire device (for example, a computer) is tripled, we obtain a general majoritation. In the case of tripling individual device blocks (for example, processor, memory, I/O, etc.), we obtain a separate tripling. Further deepening of the Tripling leads to the so-called Deep Tripling. In principle, it is possible to triple individual elements. It turns out that the so-called Quadding at an even lower level-CMOS transistor significantly exceeds the element tripling, and sometimes it has even less complexity. The article deals with the features of Tripling and Quadding, the corresponding expressions and graphs are analyzed.



How to cite this paper

Quadding against Tripling & Deep Tripling

How to cite this paper: Tyurin, S.F. (2018) Quadding against Tripling & Deep Tripling. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2(6), 233-244.
http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ jamc.2018.06.001

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