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Intelligent Vehicle-road Integrated Traffic Safety System Based on Beidou

Xianyuan Liu*, Yuanke Zhang, Zheng Ruan, Lingjie Dong

Shaoxing No.1 High School, 312000, China.

*Corresponding author: Xianyuan Liu

Published: December 12,2022


With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s travel mode has become more and more diversified, and the tasks of solving the road traffic safety problems are also heavier. In view of the safety problems, the relevant departments have taken some measures, and a lot of scientific research products are being put into use, but the situation is still not optimistic. In order to cultivate people's safety awareness and create a safe and beautiful road, our team designed a set of intelligent vehicle-road integrated traffic safety system based on Beidou. This system not only considers the safety of motor vehicles, but also gives full consideration to non-motor vehicles, so that safety is everywhere on the road. At the same time, the vehicles and the roads are closely linked, reflecting the characteristics of "integration". The system has the following functions: for motor vehicles, it can use pressure sensors and gyroscopes for collision sensing, then it timely alarms after a traffic accident. With the ultrasonic and Beidou host, it can measure the range and velocity, which prompts vehicles to control the distance in a safe range. For non-motor vehicles, after the gyroscope detecting the vehicle rollover, it can carry out emergency treatment. The function of range and velocity measurement can also be reflected accordingly in the non-motor vehicle. For road safety, there are pres-sure sensors installed in the mountains on both sides of the road, so that once there are precursors of landslides or debris flows, the warning of sensors can be timely, and the damage caused by disasters can be reduced as much as possible. At the sharp turn of the winding mountain road, pressure sensors on both sides can sense the passing of vehicles and buzz to prevent collisions. Considering comprehensively, this system can effectively avoid many road traffic accidents and reduce the harm of some accidents as far as possible. It has practical significance for road traffic safety.


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Intelligent Vehicle-road Integrated Traffic Safety System Based on Beidou

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