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Research on the Education of Socialist Core Values for Chinese Students Studying Abroad

Chunyu Chen

1Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Guangxi Minzu University, Nanning, Guangxi, China, 530006.

2Center for International Education, Philippine Christian University, Manila, Philippines.

*Corresponding author: Chunyu Chen

Published: January 5,2023


At present, China has entered a new era of economic development and the diplomatic layout has gradually expanded, in the process of transnational exchanges, overseas students account for a very large proportion, and have also become the focus of ideological and political education in China. In the process of national development, overseas students are the main figures who represent the image of the country, and are also the main carrier for safeguarding national interests and bringing international exchanges closer. Generally speaking, Chinese students studying abroad must have strong patriotic enthusiasm and be able to closely link the development of the country and their personal destiny. However, in the process of growing up Chinese students studying abroad, due to the influence of their learning environment and growth environment, their personal values will change, and even wrong behaviors like the image of the country will occur, resulting in extremely bad international impact. Based on this, this paper briefly analyzes the current status of China's overseas students' identification with socialist core values, discusses the reasons for the difference in overseas students' value identity, and finally analyzes how to enhance overseas students' recognition of socialist core values.


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Research on the Education of Socialist Core Values for Chinese Students Studying Abroad

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