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Research on English Teaching mode of Higher Vocational Industry Based on “Internet +”

Suqing Wang

Ulanchap Medical College, Ulanchap, Inner Mongolia 012000, China.

*Corresponding author: Suqing Wang

Published: January 5,2023


With the rapid development of information technology, the traditional English teaching mode can no longer meet the needs of higher vocational students for knowledge and skill mastery. Therefore, the new situation has put forward higher requirements for the cultivation of talents. In order to better meet the needs of professional talents in social, economic, scientific and technological industries, this paper elaborates on the current problems of undergraduate education and the reform measures for these problems from the current situation of teaching English courses in higher vocational institutions in the era of "Internet+"; At the same time, this paper analyzes the future development trend and prospect in the light of the current actual situation, hoping to provide reference for English teaching in higher vocational colleges.


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Research on English Teaching mode of Higher Vocational Industry Based on "Internet +"

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