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Why Are Airborne Troops Always Controversial?

Date: January 15,2023 |Hits: 1228 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Shishu Xiao

Beijing Yiyi Medical Cloud Technology Co., LTD, China.

*Corresponding author:Shishu Xiao


The topic of senior executives' airborne troops is enduring, and it is also a pain in the hearts of many business owners. Is it necessary to introduce airborne troops? Whose demand is airborne troops? Through observation and analysis, we can find that this is the inevitable demand for the development and activity of enterprises. If airborne troops are the inevitable existence of enterprise development, what conflicts will the introduction of airborne troops bring to the organization and what are the causes of these conflicts? In the face of cultural conflicts, performance conflicts and camp conflicts, what kind of mentality, wisdom and practices should the boss and airborne troops use to improve the survival rate of airborne troops is a topic that needs to be discussed, hoping to help airborne troops take root.


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How to cite this paper

Why Are Airborne Troops Always Controversial?

How to cite this paper: Shishu Xiao. (2022) Why Are Airborne Troops Always Controversial? Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science6(4), 825-830.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2022.12.047

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