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An Analysis of the Use of Brown Horse Chicken Subjects in Traditional Chinese Painting

Ruixue Zhao

Academy of Arts, West Anhui University, Lu'an, Anhui, China.

*Corresponding author: Ruixue Zhao

Published: March 2,2023


In ancient times, people's lives were influenced by tools and sorcery, and they believed in totem worship. For Chinese people, "chicken" is part of poultry property. As early as the Stone Age, the shape of a chicken was found in the pottery sculptures excavated as funerary objects, and the subject matter of chickens has been highly valued by painters throughout the ages. In primitive rock painting, the Warring States painting on silk, Han portrait bricks, portrait stones, etc. "Chicken" has a wide variety of biological varieties, and its themes are also included in the painting. All appear the image of a "chicken". This variety appears more frequently in ancient Chinese palace paintings, most of the techniques is the traditional Chinese realistic painting, and its representative significance is also very interesting. Among them, the brown pheasant has a unique aesthetic significance in traditional Chinese painting, and this article will discuss the use of the subject of the brown pheasant in traditional Chinese painting.


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An Analysis of the Use of Brown Horse Chicken Subjects in Traditional Chinese Painting

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