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The Effects of Burning-Out, Job Satisfaction and Training within the Nursing Staff in the Elderly Homes

Date: December 8,2018 |Hits: 5220 Download PDF How to cite this paper
Marjan Kostov
Human Resources Management; Altenzentrum Leithenhof Bielefeld, Ev. Perthes Stitfung Muenster Germany; 
Student at University Bielefeld- Health Management, Germany
Corresponding author: Marjan Kostov


While working, burning-out is a special type of anxiety marked by excessive exhaus-tion and the state of physical fatigue. This situation can reduce the level of job satisfaction at workplace. To cope up with this situation, employees require job training especially when handling the elderly in a healthcare setting. In the care for the elderly in caregiver facilities young people provide much of the care for old, often very old people. A professional’s job in a home is not an easy. Consequently, staff exhibit high level of absenteeism as well as lack of fitness to continue with their jobs. For the greater part, psychological complaints can be held responsible. Staff providing care for the needy and the sick score relatively high on being emotionally burdened. Nurses who work with the elderly encounter many complex and potentially stressful care situations. This scenario is similar to that of nursing staff who work in highly demanding, labor and client intensive jobs. High stress at work can create morale problems that ultimately detract staff members from offering quality healthcare services. Within this paper, the role of medical staff is highlighted, from the aspect of the attention it dedicates to older people in nursing homes, as well as facing the real situation. On the basis of the above, medical personnel need to be trained further in order to handle any kind of condition of the elderly person, without disturbing the professionalism of the person. The purpose of this paper is to scrutinize what professionals in a healthcare setting encounter especially when nursing the elderly. This work will present self-efficacy of among the nursing stuff operating in elderly care facilities, stress and burn-out within healthcare facilities, training, education, quality and the level of job satisfaction among the staffs working in elderly healthcare homes.



How to cite this paper

The Effects of Burning-Out, Job Satisfaction and Training within the Nursing Staff in the Elderly Homes

How to cite this paper: Kostov, M. (2018). The Effects of Burning-Out, Job Satisfaction and Training within the Nursing Staff in the Elderly Homes. The Educational Review, USA, 2(12), 559-566.
Full Text: PDF  DOI: 10.26855/er.2018.12.001
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