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Analysis on Asian Capital Markets Epitomize by Stock Markets

Jing Qian

College of Business and Economics, Australian National University, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

*Corresponding author: Jing Qian

Published: May 25,2023


This report aims to determine several of the top ten stocks in six different firms in diverse nations, which includes the four Asian tigers Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and developed country Japan, two developing countries China and India. Different stock markets have different standards, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore is better established. The method uses to select target stocks based on two parts, first one is stock market location and the degree of regulatory perfection, another is company itself. Mature stocks markets protects both companies and shareholders in comprehensive approaches, even a minority foreign investor would be involved, their rights all protected by laws. All the data collect from reality markets and official investment journals, the developed markets have a complete information disclosure, there would be less possibility involved in dictatorship control. The second way to analyze the companies is figure out company structure and its performance during current years, in developing markets, family capitalize, and state owned more likely to exist, scandals and corruption damaged shareholder’s rights. Based on all these standards, choose stocks of suitable company worth investing.


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Analysis on Asian Capital Markets Epitomize by Stock Markets

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