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Research on Computer Data Security and Protection from the Perspective of Blockchain Technology Support

Bo Li, Shi Li*

Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing, China.

*Corresponding author: Shi Li

Published: June 9,2023


In the network era, the amount of data has surged, and a lot of data information has high density and high value information attributes, which also makes the problem of data security protection arouse the continuous attention of the society. Based on the purpose of data protection, people began to discuss the data security protection measures from the perspective of blockchain technology support. It is hoped that the development and application of blockchain technology can reduce the risk of damage in the process of data information exchange, accelerate the sharing of information data, and realize the marginalized processing of information ontology value, so as to maximize the stability of information transmission and ensure information security. This work first discussed the problem of computer data security and protection from the perspective of blockchain technology support, then clarified the specific measures of security protection and the application value of blockchain technology in computer data security, and finally provided certain theoretical research support for computer data security and protection.


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Research on Computer Data Security and Protection from the Perspective of Blockchain Technology Support

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