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Computer Application Status Quo and Computer Development Trend

Tengfei Han

Zhengzhou Business University, Gongyi, Henan, China.

*Corresponding author: Tengfei Han

Published: July 24,2023


As an important tool and technology in modern society, computer has penetrated into all aspects of all walks of life, and has had a profound impact on human society. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the promotion of innovation, the current situation of computer application is also constantly evolving, and the development trend of computer also presents a new look. First, the application of computers in enterprise management has become increasingly widespread. With the advancement of informatization, enterprises are more and more dependent on computer systems in production, sales, human resource management and other aspects. Enterprises can realize the optimization of the production process, product quality monitoring, the analysis of sales data through the computer, and improve the production efficiency and management level. At the same time, the application of computers in finance, logistics, marketing and other fields also enables enterprises to better grasp the market information, optimize the allocation of resources, and enhance their competitiveness. Secondly, computers play an important role in the field of scientific research. Scientists use computers to conduct large-scale data processing, complex simulation, scientific computing and so on, promoting the development of scientific research. The application of computers in biomedicine, climate prediction, cosmic exploration and other fields not only accelerates the process of scientific discovery, but also brings more scientific and technological innovation and application to the human society. This paper analyzes the current situation of computer application, and analyzes the development trend of computer.


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Computer Application Status Quo and Computer Development Trend

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