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Static Strength Analysis on Steel Structure of Locomotive Cooling and Design Explorer Optimization

Meng Zhao

1Jilin Railway Technology College, Jilin, Jilin province, China.

2Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea.

*Corresponding author: Meng Zhao

Published: July 27,2023


With the comprehensive development of diesel locomotive and the improvement of running speed, the design of locomotive cooling system get more attention, the basic is to ensure that the strength of the structure in order to make locomotive's operation safe and reliable. This paper establish cooling steel structure finite element model with parametric method, and gets static strength results of the structure under different conditions. In order to make the structure satisfy the standard of intensity and shorten the design cycle, putting the design parameters and the extract command of equivalent stress into the export file of Hyper Mesh, using Workbench Design Explorer modules with experimental design method, based on Monte-Carlo method simulating sampling points, and fitting for response surface between the Design parameters and target parameters. Setting structure’s optimi-zation algorithm and then the program automatically calculates the candidate design points. After those design points are determined, it needs to calculate again, steel structure meets the design requirements of strength criteria in locomotive running.


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Static Strength Analysis on Steel Structure of Locomotive Cooling and Design Explorer Optimization

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