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TC-O-TOFT Development of System to Reduce Ammonia Emission and Leaching of Nitrate from Slurry Application

Date: August 30,2019 |Hits: 5096 Download PDF How to cite this paper

M. Toft

BioCover A/S, Veerst skovvej 6, 6600 Vejen Denmark.

*Corresponding author: M. Toft, Email: mt@biocover.dk


With the increasing industrialization of agriculture the trend towards ”clusters” of animal production in many countries, the concentration and animal density, has become a problem to the surrounding environment. So far, this has resulted in the EU nitrate directive and the EU National Emission Ceiling, in addition to limiting the amount and emission of nitrogen. In some cluster areas such as Denmark and The Netherlands, national legislations are more advanced and this has given rise to an accelerated implementation of the directives compared with the rest of EU. Consequently, development of new environmental technologies such as the SyreN system discussed in this article.


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How to cite this paper

TC-O-TOFT Development of System to Reduce Ammonia Emission and Leaching of Nitrate from Slurry Application

How to cite this paper: M. Toft. (2019) TC-OTOFT Development of system to reduce ammonia emission and leaching of nitrate from slurry application. International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture, 3(3), 192-195.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.008

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