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Research on Supply Chain Finance Operation Model—Fresh Products as an Example

Jingjing Xue*, Yan Peng

Guizhou Health Vocational College, Tongren, Guizhou, China.

*Corresponding author: Jingjing Xue

Published: September 15,2023


In recent years, China has actively promoted a series of financial policies to support the overall development of the social and enterprise economy, following the requirements of the Central Committee of the Party and based on actual development needs. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises are not strong enough and have a single financing channel, so they have difficulty resuming work and production. The main objective of innovative supply chain finance is better to solve the financing dilemma of small and medium-sized enterprises. Along with the increasing development of science and technology and the empowerment of global open development, supply chain finance has gradually become a critical step for SMEs everywhere to solve their financing problems and expand their financing channels. Financial technology promotes the digitalization and informatization of the market and integrates with Internet finance, which has led to changes in the operational processes and structures of supply chain finance in enterprises, strengthening the collaborative nature with financial capital while promoting the development of the real economy, and building a new situation of interdependence and joint and coordinated action between the financial sector, enterprises, and supply chains everywhere.


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Research on Supply Chain Finance Operation Model—Fresh Products as an Example

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