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The Path Study of Fieldwork into History

Date: September 15,2023 |Hits: 108 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Jianchao Liu*, Wenkun Yuan, Liangji Li

School of Humanities, Zhaotong University, Zhaotong, Yunnan, China.

*Corresponding author: Jianchao Liu


Field investigation is rooted in anthropology. With the rise of modern interdisciplinary research methods, it is more and more applied in the field of humanities. History, as an old normal major, must keep up with the trend of The Times in terms of talent training and discipline construction with the rapid development of higher education. As an important teaching activity link, the second classroom plays an important supplementary role in the construction and development of the history major. Based on the actual situation of the history construction of Zhaotong University, this paper discusses the role of field investigation in the construction of history major, and reflects on the classroom teaching mode of history, so as to provide reference and suggestions for the integration of field investigation into the history major. Studies show that history professional to carry out the college students as the main group of field investigation, in the process of research, teachers and students consistent, mutual cooperation, from preparatory stage, implementation stage, to report stage, until the reflection stage, lasted a year and a half, adhere to the unity of the field investigation and classroom teaching, adhere to the unity of subjectivity and dominant, adhere to the unity of theoretical and practical, effectively realize the teaching concept, subject and form of innovation, students in addition to complete the research report, also active in external academic exchanges, showed great innovation and scientific. At the same time, the problems of research funding, scientific research projects and teaching team construction also restrict the research process of field investigation, which needs to find ways to solve it in the teaching process.


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How to cite this paper

The Path Study of Fieldwork into History

How to cite this paper: Jianchao Liu, Wenkun Yuan, Liangji Li. (2023) The Path Study of Fieldwork into History. Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science7(8), 1677-1681.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2023.08.036

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