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Different Perspectives on the Threats of Family Diversity on the Dominance of the Nuclear Family

Hung Ho Yee

Shenzhen College of International Education, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

*Corresponding author: Hung Ho Yee

Published: September 15,2023


The nuclear family is generally composed of two heterosexual parents and their children. When children grow up and can work independently, they will not be counted in this family unit. The concept of the nuclear family has always been supported and criticized. Some sociologists believe that the nuclear family has been breached, while some sociologists believe that the nuclear family has not been breached. The nuclear family is functionalist and believes this is the univer-sal, most common, and the best type of family structure. He concentrated his analysis on the family in modern American society and find out that the American family mostly retains two functions of family, one is the primary socialization of children, and another is the stabilization of adult personalities of the population of the society. Primary socialization is the socialization that children experience during their childhood. Young little children will take place in their parents’ education and learns simple social norms and central values of society from their parents. Also, they will have behavior similar to their parents as replicating their actions and behaviors. Primary socialization help children structured their personalities.


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Different Perspectives on the Threats of Family Diversity on the Dominance of the Nuclear Family

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