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Curriculum Issues and Reconstruction of Local Universities in the Context of Universalization—A Comparative Perspective of China and the United States

Bin Wang*, Runru Qu

College of Education, Qufu Normal University, Jining, Shandong, China.

*Corresponding author: Bin Wang

Published: November 27,2023


With China's higher education moving into the stage of popularization, the undergraduate curriculum of the massification stage is beginning to face challenges and undergo transformation. Through the analysis of talent training programs for education majors in three local universities in China and interviews with students majoring in education at a university, several issues have been identified. These include a lack of interdisciplinary courses and a low ratio of elective courses in China's undergraduate curriculum. Additionally, there is a large number of specialized courses with a rigid structure, a small proportion of research courses, and weak practical links with theories being dispersed. Therefore, the reconstruction of the curriculum in local colleges and universities should prioritize general courses, carefully allocate the proportion of elective courses, enhance the flexibility of the training program and course structure, provide students with more autonomy in their choices, deepen the study of professional courses, and emphasize the importance of practical education.


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Curriculum Issues and Reconstruction of Local Universities in the Context of Universalization—A Comparative Perspective of China and the United States

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