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Based on the Classical “Basic Principles of Marxism” Class Teaching and Learning

Zongxu Liu

Changji University, Changji, Xinjiang, China.

*Corresponding author:Zongxu Liu

Published: November 28,2023


Under the current circumstances, China's higher education is undergoing constant innovation. In higher education, the basic principles of Marxism play an extremely important role and have a significant impact on teaching in China's higher education system. The basic principles of Marxism represent a significant advancement in the history of human thought. These principles have been tested and proven true through practical application, making them the guiding ideology and code of action for the Party. In recent years, as China has pursued its modernization drive and comprehensively deepened its reform efforts, there has been a continuous deepening of understanding of the fundamental principles of Marxism. This has led to a more profound application and development of Marxism in the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. As one of the core courses in higher education, the teaching of the Basic Principles of Marxism holds significant practical significance and developmental value. However, there are still some problems and challenges in teaching practice, such as the simplicity of traditional teaching methods, the changing ideologies of students, and the professional development of teachers. Ensuring that colleges and universities can continuously optimize the teaching process of the basic principles of Marxism is also of great significance to modern teaching in China. Therefore, this paper aims to elaborate on and analyze the basic principles of Marxism. It discusses the teaching methods and strategies related to the basic principles of Marxism in order to provide references and guidance for higher education teaching. The goal is to promote understanding and application of the basic principles of Marxism among students and to foster the inheritance and development of these principles.


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Based on the Classical “Basic Principles of Marxism” Class Teaching and Learning

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