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Study on Model United Nations Activities to Improve the Overall Literacy of Young Students

Yuxuan Li*, Dandan Qiang

Xi'an Eurasia University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

*Corresponding author:Yuxuan Li

Published: November 29,2023


The Model United Nations (MUN) aims to familiarize students with the workings of multilateral deliberative bodies such as the United Nations, international relations, and diplomacy through first-hand experience. It seeks to enhance young students' international perspective, promote a clearer understanding of the global landscape and politics, and deepen their understanding of the future implications of world events. Additionally, MUN aims to foster an appreciation for the differences between countries and cultivate respect for rules and laws. They will also develop a deeper understanding of the differences between countries and gain respect for rules and laws. This article is based on the complex international situation and aims to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of history and the global context, enabling them to accurately grasp the international situation. In this paper, we analyze and compile several domestic literature sources. This study employs an empirical research method, combining a questionnaire survey and interviews with the subjects of the questionnaire. The aim is to investigate and categorize the impact of Model United Nations activities on students' English ability, teamwork ability, speech and debate ability, multiculturalism, and international perspective. We examine these effects in five different aspects: region, exposure to participation in Model United Nations, time, and language category. The results of the questionnaire survey and the research on Model United Nations activities in China will be used as a reference to enhance students' overall literacy.


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Study on Model United Nations Activities to Improve the Overall Literacy of Young Students

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