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Research on Innovation of Preschool Education Management Strategies in the New Era

Qing Li

Xi'an Fanyi University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

*Corresponding author: Qing Li

Published: November 30,2023


The management of preschool education directly impacts the quality of pre-school education and also influences the reform of preschool education in China. Therefore, in order to enhance teaching quality and facilitate teaching reform, it is essential to focus on innovating preschool education management. This involves exploring scientific, rational, and effective models for managing preschool education, which will lead to improved outcomes in preschool education management. These efforts should align with the current state of preschool education and ensure the employment and development of preschool education students. Especially in the context of the new era, preschool education management should keep pace with the times, implementing new ideas, methods, and concepts in preschool education management. It is important to continuously innovate and improve preschool education management, and explore scientific and effective models for preschool education management. So, how can we effectively manage preschool education in the new era? The following article will explore strategies for managing preschool education.


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Research on Innovation of Preschool Education Management Strategies in the New Era

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