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Analysis of the Role of Children’s Pop-up Books in Enhancing Reading Interest

Xin Meng*, Ahmad Rashdi Yan Ibrahim, Mustaffa Halabi Bin Azahari

City University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

*Corresponding author: Xin Meng

Published: February 29,2024


With the continuous development of society, the forms of children reading books are becoming increasingly diverse, among which various "three-dimensional books" are more eye-catching. Children's pop-up books offer a unique cognitive space and display platform for children, characterized by features like structure, color, texture, and function, providing them with a fresh visual experience. At the same time, this novel and interesting reading method can stimulate children's interest in understanding things, cultivate their hands-on ability, develop their intellectual potential, and improve their thinking ability and creativity. It can be seen that children's pop-up books play an irreplaceable role in enhancing their reading interest. This article focuses on children's pop-up books as the main research subject. It begins by summarizing the basic concepts and current development status of children's pop-up books. Next, it elaborates on the fundamental characteristics and various types of children's pop-up books. The article then delves into exploring the role of children's pop-up books in enhancing reading interest. Finally, it suggests strategies for maximizing the utilization of children's pop-up books.


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Analysis of the Role of Children's Pop-up Books in Enhancing Reading Interest

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