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The Application of Cloud Computing in Library Management

Jing Xiao

The Central Normal University Library, Wuhan, Hubei, China.

*Corresponding author: Jing Xiao

Published: April 10,2024


Cloud computing is a product of the development of modern information technology that has garnered significant attention in the library field. In library management, cloud computing offers several advantages. For instance, it can decrease server error rates, lower operational costs, and enhance information resource sharing. Cloud computing not only enhances the quality and speed of information services for customers but also caters to the unique needs of individual customers. The paper discusses the management concepts of dynamic optimization, high efficiency, and low carbon footprint that should be implemented in libraries during the cloud computing era. The management concept of wisdom sharing and universal equality should be established. The management of libraries should transition from decentralization to integration, from "position service" to "span service", and from knowledge collection to open access. Information technology has evolved from a peripheral auxiliary role to core supporting functions. In the era of cloud computing, we should not only embrace cloud concepts and implement cloud services but also prioritize cloud security and foster cloud sharing.


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The Application of Cloud Computing in Library Management

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