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Analysis of the Effect of Individualized Nursing Combined with Humanistic Care on Elderly Patients with Gastric Ulcer

Date: July 27,2020 |Hits: 5776 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Fu-Lin Cai 1, Xiu-Feng Chen 1,*, Yong-Xin Wang 2

1 The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Science and Technology (Huainan First People’s Hospital) Anhui, Huainan, 232007, China.

2 Bengbu Medical College, Anhui, Bengbu, 233030, China.

*Corresponding author: Xiu-Feng Chen


Objective: To investigate the effect of individualized nursing on elderly patients with gastric ulcer. Methods: 105 elderly patients with chronic gastric ulcer were randomly divided into controlled group and observation group. Both two groups received routine treatment for gastric ulcer. The control group was given traditional nursing, while the observation group was given individualized nursing combined with humanistic care. After the discharge, the clinical curative effect was evaluated. During the following 6 months, psychological status was assessed by using the self-rating anxiety scale (SAS) and self-rating depression scale (SDS), and the quality of life was evaluated by using the Nottingham health questionnaire (NHP). Results: The total effective rate of observation group was significantly higher than that of control group (90.38% vs 69.81%, P < 0.01). SAS and SDS scores of the two groups at 3 m and 6 m were significantly higher than that without treatment, besides, SAS and SDS decreased in a time-dependent manner. Moreover, NHP scored obviously lower at 3 m and 6m compared to that at the admission, which increased in a time-dependent manner. In addition, the observation group treated with individualized nursing scored higher than the control on SAS and SDS assessment, but scored lower on NHP scale. Conclusion: Individualized nursing combined with humanistic care could significantly improve the clinic outcomes, improve the quality of life, and reduce the adverse psychological status in patients with gastric ulcer.


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How to cite this paper

Analysis of the Effect of Individualized Nursing Combined with Humanistic Care on Elderly Patients with Gastric Ulcer

How to cite this paper: Fu-Lin Cai, Xiu-Feng Chen, Yong-Xin Wang. (2020) Analysis of the Effect of Individualized Nursing Combined with Humanistic Care on Elderly Patients with Gastric Ulcer. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine Research, 4(3), 101-106.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijcemr.2020.07.012

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