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Research on the Application of Han Dynasty Portrait Stone Patterns in Contemporary “Guochao” Fashion Design

Yupei Cao

Shenzhen Polytechnic University, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

*Corresponding author: Yupei Cao

Published: July 4,2024


The Han Dynasty portrait stone patterns, which were a critical decorative element of the Han period, served as a visual record of the civilization. They were mainly found in tombs, ancestral halls, stone coffins, and cliff engravings. This particular form of aesthetics traditionally represents indigenous Chinese ethnicity and culture. More than two millennia after its initial development, the trajectory of human development has propelled humanity to the present day. Modern man and technology have overshadowed the spiritual world. The desire for identity and a spiritual return home among many people facing a spiritual vacuum in Western life has correspondingly signaled the emergence of the “Chinese tide” in science and technology. Guochao is a response that manifests in two directions: it caters to the spiritual expectations of young people in the fashion market and reinforces its rebellious spirit by blending Chinese traditional elements into modern designs. The Han Dynasty portrait stone patterns' metaphorical meanings and external structure can be effectively integrated into the design language of contemporary fashion. Intending to blend futuristic digital fashion design with Guochao culture, the goal is to use a unique style to capture the interest of young fashion designers and introduce the innovative concept of integrating Han stone patterns into Guochao.


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Research on the Application of Han Dynasty Portrait Stone Patterns in Contemporary "Guochao" Fashion Design

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