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Towards the Cloud Deployment of a Heterogeneous Service Oriented System

Published: February 27,2018


Nowadays cloud computing is gaining a lot of attention as a new technology, allowing us to get more storage and to meet expectations on some institutions. Based on our monitoring in our country there is a lack of implementation of the student evaluation systems in the Higher Educational Institutions, therefore we decided to develop a heterogeneous system composed of web services and deployed in IaaS cloud. Student evaluation system is a prototype which allows students to commit evaluation on instructors online. It is designed in such way that meets all the student requirements, faculty requirements and it is user friendly. We aim a heterogeneous, because it will be consisted of composite web services. Service composition indicates the development of complex applications using several web services that are coordinated. Furthermore, we have conducted analysis of deployment models and cloud types for this prototype system in the cloud computing system.


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Towards the Cloud Deployment of a Heterogeneous Service Oriented System 
Festim Halili1, Skofiar Kamberi2, Merita Kasa Halili3
1State University of Tetovo Tetovo, Macedonia, Email:
2International Balkan University Skopje, Macedonia, Email:
3State University of Tetova Tetovo, Macedonia, Email:
Corresponding author: Skofiar Kamberi, International Balkan University Skopje, Macedonia, 
How to cite this paper: Halili, F., Kamberi, S., Halili, M.K. (2018) Towards the Cloud Deployment of a Heterogeneous Service Oriented System. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2(2), 42-49.