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Protection Automatics of Medium Voltage Networks—Characteristics of Earth Fault Detection Criteria

Date: May 24,2021 |Hits: 672 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Bernard Wiecha1,*, Michał Wiecha1, Aleksandra Wiecha2

1Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland.

2Department of Electrical Power Engineering, RWTH AACHEN University, Germany.

*Corresponding author: Bernard Wiecha


Designing algorithms for power protection automation is characterized by a large number of ideological concepts and methods of implementation based on analog measurement signals. Originally, digital solutions replicated concepts previously known from electromechanical protection. Depending on the electrical correctness of the analog signal parameters, the operation of the protection devices was affected by errors directly proportional to the errors of the signal sources. Technical progress also resulted in the development of measuring technology. Equipping protection relays with analog-to-digital converters improved the quality of detection, but did not change the operating philosophy of the algorithms. They used standard protection criteria based on the fundamental components of the protection signals, referring to the positive sequence zero sequence of current and voltage. The article presents problems resulting from the use of measuring devices and zero sequence current and voltage filters. The characteristics of conventional and unconventional criteria, based on multi-frequency analyzes of short-circuit signals, and the analysis of the effectiveness of algorithms based on positive sequence zero sequence of current and voltage in comparison to algorithms based on multi-frequency short-circuit signal analyzes were also performed.


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How to cite this paper

Protection Automatics of Medium Voltage Networks—Characteristics of Earth Fault Detection Criteria

How to cite this paper: Bernard Wiecha, Michał Wiecha, Aleksandra Wiecha. (2021) Protection Automatics of Medium Voltage Networks—Characteristics of Earth Fault Detection Criteria. Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems5(1), 58-70.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jepes.2021.05.003

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