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Assess the Impact of Urban Expansion on the Periphery Residence in Debre Tabor Town in Case of Kebele 01

Date: May 31,2021 |Hits: 4763 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Fekadie Bazie Enyew

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Kabridahar University, Korahey zone, Somali Regional State, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author: Fekadie Bazie Enyew


Urban expansion is the common phenomena in both developing and developed countries. The study focus on the impact of urban expansion on the periphery residence in Debre Tabor town in case of Kebele 01. The study was incorporated about the effects of urban expansion on the livelihood of the surrounding community, its effect on the natural environment and their causes. To achieve this objective, the data was collected from primary and secondary data source and used a mixed type of research method. The researcher was used both probability and non-probability sampling techniques. The sample was selected from 8,889 total households, from this the researcher select 99 respondents by using simple random probability sampling technique and thus sample size determined by using systematic probability sampling technique in Kth rule, then select every 90th interval. The data were collected by using different data collection tools like questionnaire, interview and field observation, and secondary data gathered from published and unpublished materials. Finally, the data were analyzed in different ways like graphs, tables through SPSS and GIS software. The findings also indicate that the horizontal expansion of urban area has impacts on the periphery residence such as impacts on the environment, social and economic aspects, and thus impact affect the livelihoods of the people especially agrarian community, because agricultural land is changing in to urban areas effect on health and affect other socio economic conditions of the community. Therefore at the end of this study, some recommendations are forwarded that can improve the livelihood of the society by giving fair and effective compensation for their land.


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How to cite this paper

Assess the Impact of Urban Expansion on the Periphery Residence in Debre Tabor Town in Case of Kebele 01

How to cite this paper: Fekadie Bazie Enyew. (2021) Assess the Impact of Urban Expansion on the Periphery Residence in Debre Tabor Town in Case of Kebele 01Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science5(1), 143-156.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2021.01.015

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