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Role of the Energy in Modern Society

Siniša Franjić

Independent Researcher, Croatia.

*Corresponding author: Siniša Franjić

Published: June 2,2021


One of the main issues of energy policy is the risk of mismatch between supply and demand. Some countries establish a clear and unambiguous energy policy, while others do not. Nevertheless, each country applies some kind of energy policy. Governmental or intergovernmental bodies can use economic and energy modeling as advisory or analytical tools. Energy policy debates are often dominated by price concerns, which necessitates a transparent public debate on energy costs and prices. It should be noted that energy from renewable sources has very low external costs, which is very different from conventional energies, which pass on to today’s society and future generations a significant part of health and environmental costs. Clear and comprehensive information should be publicly available to create a complete picture of the costs and benefits associated with subsidies provided for renewable energy sources, fossil fuels and nuclear energy, including external costs arising from effects on human health and the quality of the environment, such as and the benefits arising from the abolition of imports and from energy security.


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Role of the Energy in Modern Society

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