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Choice of Sustainable Development Path of Agriculture Based on Ecological Civilization

Date: July 14,2021 |Hits: 161 Download PDF How to cite this paper

George Rubin

Emory University, Atlanta, USA.

*Corresponding author: George Rubin


The United States is one of the first developed countries in the world to practice ecological agriculture. Based on the perfect legal guarantee, sufficient financial support and strong scientific and technological strength, the United States has become a more successful country in the development of ecological agriculture in the world. This paper analyzes the sustainable development of ecological agriculture in the United States, discusses the importance of ecological civilization, clarifies the necessity of sustainable development of agriculture, analyzes various problems existing in it, and puts forward targeted opinions and suggestions, so as to promote sustainable development of agriculture based on ecological civilization.


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How to cite this paper

Choice of Sustainable Development Path of Agriculture Based on Ecological Civilization

How to cite this paper: George Rubin. (2021). Choice of Sustainable Development Path of Agriculture Based on Ecological CivilizationAdvance in Sustainability1(1), 7-11.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/as.2021.07.002

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