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Comprehensive Evaluation of University Teachers: Using Entropy Method

Jian Rong, Qiang Sun*

Business School, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, Shandong Province, China.

*Corresponding author: Qiang Sun

Published: October 25,2021


As an important part of university management and the basis of performance system, university teacher evaluation has become a research hotspot recently. However, there exist many questions in this area such as excessive subjectivity, inundate formalism and so on. All of this does not suit to the development of existing situation. Starting with the professional features of university teacher and considering the overall developing aims of university the paper design HR indexes evaluation system of university teachers from four aspects: basic quality, teaching capacity, scientific achievements and develop potential. And using information entropy-weighted method the paper constructs a human resources evaluation model of university teacher. According to the comprehensive testing coefficient we can get quantitative conclusion clearly which indicates each teacher’s HR condition. Lastly combining with the demonstration of HR evaluation of management school teachers belonging to one certain university we validate the practicability and reliability of the evaluation model. The construction of evaluation model can not only help school managers evaluate teachers, but also help teachers take this as a benchmark, constantly study and explore, improve their comprehensive ability, and become excellent teachers with high quality and strong teaching and scientific research ability.


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Comprehensive Evaluation of University Teachers: Using Entropy Method

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