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US Oil Companies Returning to Libya?

Date: January 18,2022 |Hits: 2319 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Eugene Khartukov

Moscow State Institute, University for International Relations (MGIMO MFA), Moscow, Russia.

*Corresponding author: Eugene Khartukov


The current status and recent history of the Libyan oil industry, roles in it of US oil companies and of anti-Gadaffi rebel military attacks on oil-producing facilities, refineries and sea ports are considered and analyzed. Other foreign oil businesses in Libya and national oil companies, oil production and refinery capacity, and output are also analyzed. Military control over major national oil-related facilities is scrutinized. A role of Russia is shown. Main oil fields and sedimentary basins are presented. The military confrontation in Libya is well documented. The article mainly concludes that as a result of the considerable negative impacts of the rebels’ attacks as well as of the UNO and US sanctions, Libya’s oil industry needs now huge investments to restore to normal levels.


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How to cite this paper

US Oil Companies Returning to Libya?

How to cite this paper: Eugene Khartukov. (2022) US Oil Companies Returning to Libya? Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems6(1), 1-16.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jepes.2022.01.001

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