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“Fermat’S Great Theorem”

Levan Gavasheli*
1Academy of physical and mathematical sciences, President, Georgia, 0171
*Corresponding author: Levan Gavasheli
Published: April 14,2018


The work contains a complete proof of the "Fermat’s great theorem" farm elementary methods, which is approved by well-known scholars in the field of number theory, and is intended for all lovers of mathematics. Fermat’s Great Theorem, there do not exist integral numbers  x,y, z  different from zero, for which:

xn+yn=zn      (1)

where n > 2 (it is well known that at n = 2 such numbers exist).

From equation 1 should be


where λ a positive integer 


As in any set of natural numbers there exists the smallest number, among all such solutions there exists a solution x, y, z with the smallest value of 𝜆. Let us examine this solution in more detail.

By entering these designations in the equation (1), we shall get




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"Fermat'S Great Theorem"

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