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The Significance of the Cross to the Twenty-First Century Christians: A Religious Approach

Date: June 6,2022 |Hits: 149 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Fr. Amadi, Igbokwe Anthony C. S. Sp

Department of Religious Studies, Veritas University, Bwari, Abuja, Nigeria.

*Corresponding author: Fr. Amadi, Igbokwe Anthony C. S. Sp


The knowledge and significance of the cross has remained inert in the lives of many Christians. For some, it is something to be avoided at all costs while for others something to be tolerated. The article has helped to bring the cross to the fore by highlighting the relevance and importance of the cross even in the 21st century. The article used different arguments and biblical passages to prove that without the cross which led to the death and resurrection of Christ, there is no salvation. The research used qualitative research design where purposive sampling was utilized. Based on the challenges facing the 21st century Christians, interviews were conducted among youths and some married people. The responses from these interviews showed that while some Christians of the 21st century have accepted the cross as necessary to their salvation, many still eschew it. Some recommendations were made. The article encouraged all Christians to appreciate the work of redemption which Christ did for them so that their love for each other will enable them to unite in carrying their own crosses daily to follow Christ to the end. The article concluded by reminding all Christians that as Christ reconciled them with the Father through his death on the cross, they should be signs of reconciliation to the world that is fragmented so that they become solace to those who live in the midst of many yet feel lonely, support to those who live in abundance yet die of hunger and exemplary to those who call Christ the Lord yet they deny the cross of Christ.


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How to cite this paper

The Significance of the Cross to the Twenty-First Century Christians: A Religious Approach

How to cite this paper: Fr. Amadi, Igbokwe Anthony C. S. Sp. (2022) The Significance of the Cross to the Twenty-First Century Christians: A Religious Approach. Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science6(2), 208-221.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jhass.2022.06.007

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