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Adoption of Improved Agricultural Technologies in Developing Countries: Literature Review

Solomon Yokamo


International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture

Views: Published: June 1,2020

Article Open Access

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the World Economy, 2020: A Conceptual Analysis

Nurul Mohammad Zayed, Sunjida Khan, Shahiduzzaman Khan Shahi, Mithila Afrin


Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

Views: Published: January 8,2021

Article Open Access

A Brief Overview and Future Perspective of Unmanned Aerial Systems for In-Service Structural Health Monitoring

Meisam Gordan, Zubaidah Ismail, Khaled Ghaedi, Zainah Ibrahim, Huzaifa Hashim, Haider Hamad Ghayeb, Marieh Talebkhah


Engineering Advances

Views: Published: February 24,2021

Article Open Access

Modeling the US-China Trade Conflict: A Utility Theory Approach

Yuhan Zhang, Cheng Chang


Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

Views: Published: May 13,2021

Article Open Access

Acceptability Level of Developed Material (SAI) Using ASSURE Model

Yolanda Reyes*, Jenina Oreste


The Educational Review, USA

Views: Published: November 15,2017