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CODEN Assigned to 14 Titles

May 24,2022 Views: 635


CODEN is a journal identifier established by the ASTM E250 standard . CODEN is composed of 6-digit English letters and numbers, which can be used for concise, unique and clear identification of journals and single-line publications. CODEN is widely used in the industry as a citation system for journals cited in technical and chemistry-related publications, and as a search tool in many bibliographic directories.

In 1975, the CODEN system was administered by the American Chemical Society (ACS), and the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) distributed CODEN codes.In 1976, the CODEN was again increased to 6 characters in the E250-76 standard issued by ASTM. 

The first 4 characters of CODEN are taken from the first letter of the word in the journal title, and the 5th character is taken between AF. The sixth digit is the check code. For single-line publications, the first two digits of the CODEN are changed to numbers, and all letters can be used in the fifth digit.

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